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The WAMS, the World Academy of Medical Sciences, as the sole official world institution of medical sciences of its kind, puts its principal aim on the task of establishing a universal medical medium and sphere in which the standards and practice of clinical and basic medical sciences can academically be followed, performed, improved and expanded through collaborative and fraternized work, duties, missions and activities. This task is being shared proudly and enthusiastically among the members of the Academy and its scientific partners across the world with a united spirit of cooperation and dedication to the science of Medicine.

The Academy administers an international convergence of Medicine generating better cooperation and attunement between its members, member institutions and scientific partners including medical faculties, medical schools, hospitals, medical institutions, medical research centers and laboratories, and medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical enterprises, institutions and associations.
The early activities of the Academy had began more than two decades ago. Centrally operated from five world headquarters, the Academy takes to the new millenium a collective and concerted organization of medical professionals across the globe with perseverance based on integrity and charisma with rich, productive scientific resources and commendable prospects for all. 

International medical research, an important and vital part of the science and art of Medicine, is administered, promoted and supported by the Academy within a full spectrum of clinical and basic medical sciences. Bringing medical researchers and clinicians together within and between disciplines and with suitable and fecund facilities of Medicine, and therefore generating an international scientific coefficiency and incorporation, the Academy puts a great deal of effort into enlightenment and leadership in order to create the best accomplishment among medical scientists and practitioners supporting and complementing them in retaining their proficiency and keeping their skills and knowledge up-to-date.

In clinical Medicine, the Academy has multidimensional functions on an international scale. It facilitates exchange of information and better understanding of the scientific principles of medicine among its members and scientific partners globally through teaching, training and practice in basic and clinical sciences. It strengthens academic and practical relations giving the members opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills and improve their competence through integrated collaboration and participation in the activities of all the scientific and practical fields of Medicine. 

Providing an international network of medical research and clinical activities on academic levels, the Academy, as the executive body of the World Medicine, administers, represents and promotes an establishment of international medicine based on impartial progress and expansion of the medical and medicine-related sciences with conformed academic and practical standards. In this establishment, the substratum of all these activities primarily consists of research, training and education while medical practise of academic standards and manners remain the base of the Academy's scientific excellence.

As salutary developments in medicine and biotechnology continue to flow today, giving us a great deal of pleasure and pride as well as encouragement, ambition and determination in our work, we medical professionals feel more obligated to keep our knowledge and standards eminent and our productivity and success high. While seeing pleasing achievements in modern medicine fitted in today's improving standards of life in the western world, however, we see, in front of us, a wide display of human health issues that need to be addressed urgently and more seriously, and we realize that we still have a lot to do for the world medicine at large.

We must strive to achieve much higher goals and face the challenges that baffle human health improvement and medical care services worldwide. In order to handle these challenges, we, medical professionals, who have the duty of maintaining and improving human health, must mobilize all our properties and resources of knowledge and technology and enterprise which must be seen not only by the ones who are already having the benefits and  privileges of modern medicine, but also by all the others who are underserviced, underprivileged and impoverished and suffering the worst miseries human life can possibly live. In this universal task of ours, happy people and healthy children can only be seen with hard work and responsibility within a spirit of global cooperation and shared dedication with equitable strategies. This is our only way to maintain and improve human health across the world and keep it deprivation-free. And in this regard, we, as the World Academy of Medical Sciences, dedicated to our principal mission of promoting and advancing the standards of universal art and science of medicine and improving the work and expanding the efforts for the betterment of global human health, call upon the world to join this fraternal embrace with genuine responsibility and devotion


WAMS Executive Council

The WAMS Executive Council, headed by the President of the WAMS, has direct authority on all the units of the Academy.

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WAMS Faculty

The Faculty of the World Academy of Medical Sciences functions at the Academy headquarters in eleven European

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